Red Hat Summit video online

I’m working to get this in a more usable format, but at the moment if you have flash you can watch Matt and I presenting virt-v2v and libguestfs at the URL below.

Click “Red Hat Summit”, then “V2V VMWare/Xen”.

Matt does the first 30 minutes, then I take over at almost exactly the 30’00 mark in the video.


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18 responses to “Red Hat Summit video online

  1. For those who have issues with the flash on this page, you can choose to only refresh the video subpage. For this, please open: Other options would be appreciated, as the current solution is almost too slow for use in China (my current location).

    • rich

      I found by playing with my Squid cache that you could download the flash video directly from this URL:

      I have no idea if this URL is stable. If it works (the download is about 231 MB) then you should be able to play it in VLC or mplayer with the usual non-free codecs from rpmfusion.

      In any case I’m trying to obtain the original video so I can upload it in an open format.

      • brabuhr

        Thanks (the on-page player doesn’t appear to work in gnash). Changing just the entry_id in that URL to the li id appears to be working for another video: “Cloud Data Storage”, li id=”0_5sz7mpvb”.

      • Amadeus

        That would be so great with a WebM version.

        You mentioned some background notes. Post you post them, or should I email you?

        Also, it was mentioned that I could download v2v from the RHEL5 channel. I couldn’t make out the name of the channel I had to enable. Could you write the name here?

      • rich

        I will post the background notes on this blog once I get back.

        virt-v2v is available in the RHEV-M channel in RHEL 5. However at the time of writing that version is not the latest and has a number of limitations and bugs compared to what Matt demonstrated in the talk. We’ll be updating it, but talk to your support / TAM.

      • Thanks for the link πŸ™‚

        The presentation slides are also available on:

  2. Martin

    I am a long time Red Hat user and a RHCE.

    It is very sad to see that Red Hat failed totally.

    It was a concern to me that Red Hat would fail as badly as they did, but I gave them the benefit of the doubt.

    Red Hat do have the resources, code, developers, skills, and interests in participating in the Open Source world.

    I am not sure why Red Hat do have to push closed source software for videos.

    Big fail! Shame on you!

    • rich

      Allegedly the “open source video” option on the website is just that. I couldn’t make it work though.

      But in any case your main thesis is not correct. “Flash Video” (Sorenson Spark) has an open source decoder. It’s covered by software patents which is why Red Hat cannot distribute it, but ffmpeg (the decoder) is open source covered by the LGPL. Because of the stupidity of software patents in the US and “contributory infringement” I cannot even tell you where to get the source from though.

      • besides, the Kaltura software itself and player are open source AFAIK: Kaltura is a promoter of the Open Video Alliance (just like Fluendo). Just my two cents…

      • Martin

        Red Hat is a important contributor to open source multimedia and open source mostly everything else.

        Kaltura might be a partner of Red Hat and Kaltura might be doing something for someone.

        But it looks like it is yet another flash player to me. I can not understand why Red Hat is using it.

        I am often pointing to video and audio recordings of other companies, but seldom for Red Hat. How do I explain to others that the they do not eat their own dog food?

        It looks strange for the employer of Chris Montgomery and others like him.

        I hope at least this will be a company wide policy change when RHEL6 comes out with a newer version of Firefox, gstreamer, and so on.

  3. Amadeus

    @Martin: How can you say such a thing. There is no company like Red Hat that rejects anything with just the slightest patent problems.

    On all videos are non Flash.

  4. Amadeus

    @Richard: Please don’t waist any more of your precious time on Martin. There are trolls everywhere, and it is so easy to destroy rather than build. And that’s what’s trolls do.

  5. Richard,

    thank you for the fantastic presentation, I really enjoyed it IRL.

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