Outline for V2V session at the Red Hat Summit 2010

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“In this session, Rich Jones and Matt Booth, senior software engineers at Red Hat, will introduce the virtualization V2V tool. They will also demonstrate how users can easily convert VMware and Xen virtual machines from the native format into KVM images for use in Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization. Rich and Matt will detail the step-by-step instructions for converting existing virtual machines, and provide an in-depth look into the technologies, including libguestfs, used to build the V2V tool.”


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4 responses to “Outline for V2V session at the Red Hat Summit 2010

  1. Thomas

    Sounds very useful!

    Will it be recorded and put online?

    • rich

      ‘course I don’t want to discourage anyone from coming to the Summit, but I do realize that tickets are not exactly cheap …

      Some of the sessions will be recorded and placed online the day after the summit, but I don’t know if this one will be recorded. I will of course post our slides and notes online afterwards.

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