Music: Frog, demo tapes from a 90s UK psych band

Update #2: Whichever cock used a download manager, making 10s of simultaneous connections to my site at once, you’ve ruined it for everyone because I’ve now taken these down.

Update: If you can mirror these files, please post a comment with the link.

Frog were a totally brilliant band that I had the pleasure of seeing live several times. Sadly their music has long been unavailable in any format, not even for live gigs.

Anyway, have some old demo tapes here:—music/

Important note: In order to fool the IFPI drones, these are encoded as encrypted ZIP files. You will need to supply a password, which is the name in all lowercase of a famous 80s arcade game involving a small green amphibian trying to cross a major highway. What was that game called?

Frog have a semi-official myspace page here set up by the band’s drummer.

Bonus: Bunty Chunks, a demo tape from another amazing band who should have been great.

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