Intel Processor Spec Finder

Just the tool I was looking for, an online tool from Intel to search through their processors for the one which supports exactly the features you want.

In my case I was looking for an Intel Atom chip that supports 64 bit and hardware virtualization, which would be the sweet-spot for cheap virt development servers that don’t use too much energy. There are apparently two: Z520PT and Z530P.

Now to find a motherboard similar to the Alix which has this chip …



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8 responses to “Intel Processor Spec Finder

  1. Peter Robinson

    Beware of the Z5xx series of Atom processor if you want any form of accelerated X. They use the pulsobo chipset which is not well supported at all. Of the older Atom processors the D330 processor is 64 bit. Of the newer chips all the n4xx and d5xx series processors are all 64 bit and have better power usage too. Wikipedia has a good overview

    If you don’t care about accel X then the Fit-PC2 and 2i has the z5xx chipset.

    • rich

      Good to know about graphics acceleration.

      The feature we really need is hardware virt (Intel VT-x), and only the two Atom parts I mentioned have this unfortunately.

  2. Caution: Double-check that those CPUs really support 64-bit if that matters to you, because according to several sources on the net, including one on they don’t. There seems to be some error in Intel’s specs, as they’re inconsistent.

  3. TGM

    Check out the D510MO: Dual core x64 atom with integrated GFX on chip, all built onto the motherboard. Perfect for my server…

  4. As it happens, I too was shopping for a laptop recently. I found that searching for the processor model on Google (like P7450) returned the correct link within the first two results (in this case This was very useful for me, since I was shopping specially for a (laptop with a) processor with VT-x support, a detail not specified by most of the shopping sites.


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