News website FAIL

Visitors to these Murdoch-owned sites will pay £1 for a day’s access and £2 for a week’s subscription. (Or so they hope).

Also read: Memories of a paywall pioneer about Salon’s experience with a paywall:

More important, by this point the public was, understandably, thoroughly confused about how to get to read Salon content. It took many years for our traffic to begin to grow again. Paywalls are psychological as much as navigational, and it’s a lot easier to put them up than to take them down. Once web users get it in their head that your site is “closed” to them, if you ever change your mind and want them to come back, it’s extremely difficult to get that word out.


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2 responses to “News website FAIL

  1. Considering the pervasive bias of News Corp., may I say… good riddance?

  2. TGM

    It’s a move only Bill Gates pulled off before, and I’d be glad to see it fail.

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