Treadmill desk (part 6, hopefully the final summary)

I think I’ve got the treadmill desk sorted out finally (see all posts in this series).

Here are the parts you will need for a cheap treadmill desk:

  • Treadmill (duh!). They all say you should buy an expensive treadmill, and they are right. The one I got was very cheap new, and has lots of problems, like … It forgets how far you’ve gone after 5 minutes (so if you go to grab a cup of tea, then it resets itself). It has massive RF interference problems (now solved — see below). And it picks up mobile phone signals and emits a loud disturbing noise.
    How to get an expensive treadmill at a reasonable price? I suggest ebay. Now is about the time when those unwanted Christmas presents should start coming online …
  • RF filter. There’s only one I would recommend, which is the Tacima Mains Conditioner and Radio Frequency Interference Filter. Note that a standard “surge-protected socket” is not the same and won’t filter RFI. This looks like one of those bollox “audio buff” annealed cables that are aligned to the earth’s magnetic field and cost thousands of pounds. It’s not — this one really works, and it’s a reasonable price. Make sure you plug only the treadmill into this otherwise the leads going to other equipment will also act as antennae for the unwanted RF radiation.
  • Desk (aka “a piece of wood”). I taped a piece of wood to the arms of the treadmill with gaffer tape, and then I piled some boxes up to lift the laptop up to a comfortable height: a lo-tech, no cost solution which has proven sturdy and effective. Even food and drinks haven’t been a problem.
  • Padded trainers. Thick padded trainers have really made the difference for me. I happened to have some old trainers, but you don’t need to spend much money on this.
  • Anti-static wrist strap. Yes, with some combinations of clothes, trainers and humidity, you will start generating static. This can damage computer equipment easily, not forgetting that it bloody hurts! A cheap anti-static wrist strap cures the problem.

I’ve only been doing this for two weeks, but I feel noticeably better already. The other good thing is it doesn’t feel like exercise. I’ve done about 4 hours today, and most of the time I forgot I was on a treadmill.


Some mainstream press articles about treadmill desks: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.


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24 responses to “Treadmill desk (part 6, hopefully the final summary)

  1. joshuadf

    Have you tried barefoot? My friend’s doc said going barefoot whenever possible would help with his knee problems because shoes tranfser impact to the joints. Obviously you’d need to be careful about pinching.

    • rich

      Yes, I have tried that, although not for a long time because it was quite painful 🙂

      The pain (for me) wasn’t in the knees, but in the soles of the feet.

      Update: Remember this is slow walking, not jogging.

  2. Joooooooo

    Have you tried with socks, if barefoot is painful? Is it a bad kind of pain?

  3. I did this.. pretty simple works and non obtrusive… doesn’t bounce up and down because it’s not connected to the treadmill but to the wall.

  4. Works with desktop machines too, if you can do without sitting entirely anyway…

  5. Your treadmill desk looks very…. professional. 😉

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  7. Daniel Tilly

    “And it picks up mobile phone signals and emits a loud disturbing noise.”

    Funnily enough I have a Roger Black Gold treadmill (just purchased) and it picks up my mobile signal and creates a loudspeaker, such that I can’t have the phone in the garage whilst the treadmill’s on.

    Are all treadmills like this or just Roger Blacks? V. poor.

    • rich

      Probably all cheap treadmills made in China. It’s pretty sad for Roger Black to lend his name to such a shoddy product.

      • Marius

        Hi, I have a Roger Black Silver treadmill. It makes a squeeking noise, I opened the case and seems to come from a piece that perhaps is a power factor corrector. I turned off all electricals in the house, do you think it could interfere with the ones from neighbours? The wireless signal from routers from neighbours goes through the walls. I might buy the rf filter, see if that helps.

      • rich

        Yes, this will interfere with everything.

        By coincidence, I’m about to take this treadmill apart and chuck it in the skip. More on this blog next month …

      • Marius

        Thanks for the answer. I guess my question was, should i get the tacima mains conditioner, i.e. will that help stop the squeeking? The treadmill does notinterfere with the tv or other stuff though.

      • rich

        No, the mains conditioner only affects radio frequency interference. It will do nothing for squeaks …

  8. Doesn’t the shelve bounce while you are walking?

  9. treadmill desk

    Great site. I’ve been wanting to have this treadmill desk to start an exercise routine that is easy to follow, takes NO extra time, and burns hundreds of calories a day – even if you have never stuck to a workout routine in your life!

    • rich

      No you haven’t you spamming tosser. I deleted the link to your site and made it so you can’t post any more spam here.

      Eveyone else: “go tread mill” (without spaces) is a spam site. The spam came from (Quezon City Philippines).

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