Treadmill desk (part 5)

Quick stats. At 1.3 km/h (0.8 mph), each hour:

  • I burn 100 calories (according to the probably-inaccurate treadmill meter)
  • I walk 3000 steps (according to pedometer)
  • I walk 0.8 miles (obviously …)

I’m now doing around 6 hours per day.

I’ve learned that good footwear is essential for this. Flat-soled gym shoes are uncomfortable after about 2-3 hours. Bare feet were slightly better, but well-padded trainers are best.

My previous postings about the treadmill desk …

BTW to spammers who try to add “treadmill” linkspam in comments, go get a life and a proper job that contributes to society.


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4 responses to “Treadmill desk (part 5)

  1. Matt

    Additionally, you’re helping your cardiovascular system not suck, and will soon find a font of new energy, be poised to combat depression, and just feel all-around less soggy. While I enjoy your contributions to the Virt space, this inspiration is truly valuable to a community of largely soggy individuals. Excellent work!

  2. disi

    Your first posts looked a little funny 🙂 Then I saw the result and imagined myself walking there while typing on the laptop…
    Sometimes I subcontiously stand up and adjust the monitor, so I can do stuff while standing. It is the body that demands it, not the brain.

    This body goes to the gym about 3 times a week and cycles to work every morning. Unfortunately I hate Treadmills, but one of those stepping devices would be cool. Maybe I start my own project 😉

  3. Well done, sir. Well done. 🙂

    Let a thousand treadmills bloom!

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