Treadmill desk (part 3)

Here’s a fun thing (not). I noticed today that the DSL connection was pretty rough, constantly reconnecting. It turns out after a lot of: run downstairs, check wires, DSL is OK, run back upstairs, still OK, start the treadmill and work, hmm it’s disconnected again, that this cheap treadmill is a big source of RFI that interferes with DSL.

Apparently this is a known problem: 1, 2, 3, 4.

(By the way, anyone considering getting the Roger Black GM-41001 Silver Medal Treadmill … DON’T! It may be very cheap, but it really is a piece of crap).

Why didn’t I get interference yesterday? Good question, but the router has been moved slightly, and perhaps the wire doesn’t pick it up so much.

Sadly, wrapping tinfoil around the phone line and earthing it did not work.

I ordered one of these mains conditioners with a big choke for £25 (about 10% of the cost of the treadmill). We shall see tomorrow if this works …


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3 responses to “Treadmill desk (part 3)

  1. Yeah, this (among other reasons) is why I spent a ton of money on the treadmill, and went dirt cheap on the desk part.

    Also, most treadmills are designed for running over short periods of time, not walking for long periods of time.

    It’s worth it, if you have the money, to spend on a good treadmill, PLUS the extended warranty. Don’t know if that’s an option where you are, but I spent $2k on mine.

    (An investment that has already paid off, IMHO.)

  2. Jimasp

    I found a similar post here:

    Did the mains conditioner solve the problem for you too? (you never said – at least not on this post).

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