Treadmill desk (part 2)

Finally a crappy photo of my treadmill desk:

Because of network problems, I didn’t manage to start using it until today. The layout is fine (laptop is actually on a pile of books not shown in the photo, in order to raise it to the correct height). The treadmill itself is cheap and nasty, and occasionally emits a disturbing electrical brrrr noise. Not all the time thankfully. Typing and using the trackpad and phone is no different from at a real desk — no problem at all. (I’m typing this at the desk). According to the electronic display I’m burning more than 1 calorie a minute about 95 calories per hour at 0.8 mph (1.3 km/h).



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16 responses to “Treadmill desk (part 2)

  1. jr

    How long do you use it continuously?

  2. I was able to use the laptop treadmill in the Red Hat office in Raleigh comfortably at a speed of 2-2.5 mph (3.2-4.0 km/h). So you probably could burn even faster provided you’re not in a phone meeting. Having said that, for the past four months I’ve been spending about an hour of dedicated time on an elliptical machine, and with some effort I can burn over 700 calories in that time, which makes me feel better about the rest of my day being stationary. 🙂

  3. ddd


    I must say that I find a real run to be time efficient and not distracting. If 20 mins isn’t enough for your weekly work out… RUN FASTER!!!


    • When you’re ADD like I am, working on a treadmill can be a *huge benefit*, actually.

      My long walk day is 11 miles at this point. My goal is to walk a half-marathon once a week. 🙂

      My speed: 2.2 – 2.6mph.

      I should get a pic of mine up at some point, since now it’s an official Fedora meme.

      • rich

        You’re already doing nearly a half marathon every day. Or do you mean in terms of calories consumed? Strike that — I wasn’t parsing your sentence correctly …

  4. Oh, also: beware of things walking off your desk due to vibration. Don’t say you weren’t warned!

    • rich

      I walked off … after momentarily forgetting to walk (picking up the phone).

      But basically it’s second nature, and after a few hours I don’t even notice I’m walking at all.

  5. Aron Griffis

    Is it really good to be looking down at the laptop screen the entire time? Seems like it would be better to have the screen up at eye level.

  6. How do you stay focused on your work while walking… it just becomes automatic?

  7. moriwaka

    Your treadmill is impressive!

    In RH Tokyo office, some SA guys start using gym ball as a seat these days.
    I think merging job & sports can make our life better.

  8. I’ve seen dodgier setups than that, but not by much! 🙂 Good to see another treadmill worker taking it up.

    Does it count as “real exercise?” Absolutely! But, it is no substitute for any other exercise you want to work in to your routine. Whilst walking I’ve experimented with using wrist weights (velcro straps with sand in them that weight about 3lbs each), and a couple of other tricks, but mostly for walking and working, I stick to just the treadmill. Lifting weights can obviously help with upper body muscle definition.

    I found several huge benefits to using a treadmill desk:
    1. Walking long distances without the aches and pains you get if you spend most of your day sat at a desk.
    2. Burning massive amounts of calories so you no longer have to worry about that burger you had for lunch.
    3. Not getting out of breath when you take the stairs instead of the elevator and not having to persuade yourself to take the stairs instead of the elevator because it’s healthier. So what if you take the elevator now? You’ve already more than made up for it.

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