Fedora 12 coverage of libguestfs / guestfish

Since the Fedora 12 alphas and betas were announced, there’s been some coverage of libguestfs and the related tools in some more mainstream tech media. It’s pretty limited so far, so honestly reporters, if you want to find out about this stuff, contact me! Jump on to the #libguestfs IRC channel on FreeNode, or email us directly.

Anyhow, a quick round-up of significant Fedora 12 coverage that mentions libguestfs: Ars Digita, The Register, LWN, Internetnews, Red Hat’s own announcement, Fedora’s official announcement, Brazilian Portuguese translation of the press release, Russian translation.

“IT pro portal” rewrites the press release, badly.

eWeek’s review of Fedora 12 is good and in depth, but hey you didn’t cover libguestfs 😦

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