Micro Men (BBC4 TV drama)

Martin Freeman and Alexander Armstrong lead the cast in Micro Men, a drama from Darlow Smithson for BBC Four.

Micro Men provides an affectionately comic account of the Eighties race for home computer supremacy. The drama documents the lengthy rivalry between maverick visionary Sir Clive Sinclair (Armstrong) and his former colleague Chris Curry (Freeman) as they go head to head to achieve domination of the growing home computer market. Micro Men gives an amusing insight into the brilliant but eccentric characters that triggered the beginning of the UK computer revolution.

The programme is being broadcast on Thursday 8th October 2009, at 9pm, on BBC4.

(In preproduction this programme was to be called “The Syntax Era“)


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3 responses to “Micro Men (BBC4 TV drama)

  1. As a former owner of a Sinclair Spectrum clone (made in Easter Europe by reverse engineering) you made me curious about this show, which I will be able to see it only if it gets torrented at some point.

  2. LOL, funny typo above, I obviously wanted to say Eastern Europe 😀

  3. rich

    I think it’ll be torrented pretty quickly once it appears on iPlayer…

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