New in libguestfs 1.0.72 will be a tool for editing files in a virtual machine.

There’s a million uses for this. Change grub configuration:

# virt-edit mydomain /boot/grub/grub.conf

Edit the message of the day:

# virt-edit mydomain /etc/motd

Change a configuration file:

# virt-edit mydomain /etc/fstab

You get the idea …

For more complex changes, or to edit multiple files, use the libguestfs API or guestfish, but I hope this solves some of the simpler sysadmin tasks.



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2 responses to “virt-edit

  1. Hello,

    As you already mentioned many of linux uses this command to edit virtual machine.

    Most of the beginners dont know about virt-edit so thanks for sharing it…


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