Sell, sell!

Shares in the libguestfs project at Ohloh showed a dramatic decline today as the estimated price fell from a high of over a million dollars to just $222,705.

The project showed heavy declines across the board:

Speculators say this might be because they removed all the generated code from the git repository.

In related news, the decline has revealed the use of a sinister new programming language used to “save programmer time” by having the computer “write code”. A Union of Programmers spokesman said earlier today: “It is ridiculous to suppose that a computer could ‘write’ $750,000 worth of code. If computers could write code I wouldn’t need to hand-roll my own hash tables in Java. Look, this one took me 3 weeks to write and it’s 1% faster than the standard library. Oh hang on … that’s not supposed to happen … just ignore that NullPointerException, …”


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