Hugin is ace

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Actually I cheated and this was done with the Mac version of Hugin, because it contains the patented stitching software. Fedora has the unpatented version of Hugin, and stitching together 91 source photographs by hand isn’t any fun


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11 responses to “Hugin is ace

  1. Looks like we need a libpano13-freeworld in RPM Fusion.

    • Yeah, Kevin… I tried myslef Hugin once and was scared by two things: the need to manually stitch and the file size of the result.

  2. rich

    Nicu: I had to reduce the size of the input images to get this one to work at all. The original images off my camera are ~ 3000×2000. I reduced them first to 640×480 before feeding them to Hugin.

    • Imagine my first try was with 12 MP photos (4272×2848) straight from my camera šŸ˜€
      This can be easily solved, is not hard to batch resize with a simple ImageMagick one-liner, the patented stuff would be a real benefit.

      • I used it with my 10.2 MP photos directly and I did auto stitch using some plugin from livna. Don’t remember the name of it though.

    • whyohwhyohwhyoh

      i think there’s an option either in hugin or in the autopano things to resize the images first.

      ah, it’s in … –size.

  3. Matt Hickford

    A fun thing to do now is to convert your image into a landscape for the free planetarium software Stellarium.

  4. autopano-sift-C is package, it is available in rpmfusion

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