libguestfs: Java bindings

New in version 1.0.5 of libguestfs, Java bindings:

public class LVCreate {                                               
    public static void main (String[] argv)                                     
        try {                                                                   
            GuestFS g = new GuestFS ();
            RandomAccessFile f = new RandomAccessFile ("test.img", "rw");       
            f.setLength (500 * 1024 * 1024);                                    
            f.close ();                                                         
            g.add_drive ("test.img");
            g.launch ();
            g.wait_ready ();
            g.pvcreate ("/dev/sda");
            g.vgcreate ("VG", new String[] {"/dev/sda"});
            g.lvcreate ("LV1", "VG", 200);
            g.lvcreate ("LV2", "VG", 200);
            String[] lvs = g.lvs ();
            assert lvs[0].equals ("/dev/VG/LV1");                               
            assert lvs[1].equals ("/dev/VG/LV2");                               
            g.sync ();
            g.close ();
        catch (Exception exn) {                                                 
            System.err.println (exn);                                           
            System.exit (1);                                                    

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